No rest for the wicked

5 Sep
Mark Cole's Southern Collision poster

Mark Cole's Southern Collision poster

Well, I decided I was pretty much ready for the flight to Ottawa tomorrow and could relax for the rest of the day when I remembered there was stuff to do ready for when I get back. I’m in four bands at the moment and one of them, Southern Collision, has its first gig later this month. That’s ok but the rest of the guys in the band don’t know what we’re playing yet, so I had to hastily put some demo CDs together and get them in the post so that while I’m having a ball in Canada (erm, sorry that should have said “working really hard with the Myers Brothers Blues Band”) they can learn the songs. How did we manage before modern technology? I know some of you are thinking “why didn’t he just send MP3s?” but you still can’t beat CDs for listening in the car. The CDs are posted, suitcase almost packed and the smell of  homemade chilli is calling me and so I’m off for my dinner. The next post will be from the Great White North!


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