Patties, partying and Poutine

12 Sep
Rockin' Le Resto - the Myers Brothers Blues Band

Rockin' Le Resto - the Myers Brothers Blues Band

After a fairly lazy start we all met up and headed North into Quebec and drove through some beautiful wild scenery following the Gatineau River, through Kitigan Zibbi – an indian reserve – and up to Maniwaki. Céline opened up Le Resto Notre Dame so we could set up and after a sound check we headed off to Mike’s lakeside cottage. Pepe once again showed us his culinary skills and made some amazing cheese and bacon beefburgers which we washed down with Sleeman’s Honey Brown beer. The guys told me tales of past visits to the cottage which Mike has owned for over twenty years. After changing into 0ur stage gear it was back to Le Resto for the gig.  And what a wild night it was! The guys had warned me about how the Quebecers like to party hard and so I wasn’t surprised when they were up and dancing from the first number to the last. We played for over four hours then mingled with the crowd for a while before heading back to the lake cottage for a few beers. In the morning it was hot coffee and lemon pie, more tales of the lake then eventually back to Ottawa, stopping en route at a greasy spoon for a Quebec speciality, Poutine – french fries with cheese curd and gravy.

2 Responses to “Patties, partying and Poutine”

  1. Jules September 13, 2010 at 3:47 am #

    Lemon pie, french fries with cheese curd/gravy yum. x

    • markjcole September 13, 2010 at 4:42 am #

      Yep, only the healthiest of foods for us :) x

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