Buildings and BeaverTail on the Byward

14 Sep
Beavertail at Byward Market

Beavertail at Byward Market

Heading off to the airport soon so this is a quick one. Had a great day in and around the city of Ottawa yesterday with Stevie and did the tourist thing: a guided tour around the Parliament Buildings and a trip up the Peace Tower. All that walking had given us an appetite so we stopped at the famous BeaverTail stand and had a maple and chocolate BeaverTail each with a coffee. We didn’t eat alone – all that sweetness attracted a few wasps but they didn’t bother us too much. We popped in to Tucson’s Roadhouse and talked about the possibility of gigging there next time I visit and asked about t-shirts but they didn’t have any. Neither did they have any t-shirts at the Rainbow or any of the music shops we tried which is a shame as they make great souvenirs of a musical visit. When we got back home I had another great meal with Stevie and Laura who, I must say, have been the perfect hosts. Finally Stevie and I met Mike at a bar in Manotick for a farewell drink and it looks like the guys may have bagged a gig there which is great. So, farewell Ottawa – hopefully I’ll see you next year some time. It’s back home to England now and time to start planning a trip to Clarksdale in April to catch up with the Myers Brothers again.


One Response to “Buildings and BeaverTail on the Byward”

  1. Ferg September 15, 2010 at 6:52 am #

    Fab all round. Glad the weather held out. The gigs look immense. We will all book tickets for next time and have an October-in-Ottawa trip.


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