17 Sep


Tired. The journey back from Canada was uneventful but I’m feeling a bit lagged. I think coming back and having a gig the same evening might have been a bit ambitious. Went well though and I enjoyed it, although getting up on Thursday was so hard. Never thought I’d say this, but fortunately last night’s gig got cancelled due to ‘reasons beyond my control’ so I was able to catch up on a few things and have a more relaxed evening, even if not as early as I’d have liked.

Rick and I have a gig tonight at the Royal Oak in North Woodchester. It’s an unknown for us as we’ve not played there before, but it’s a village pub and so should be warm and welcoming and probably a bit snug. That’s my image of an English village pub anyway. As long as the beer is well-kept and there’s a good crowd in I’ll be happy. Tomorrow night we’re playing a charity gig for the Meningitis Trust at the old Quarry in Avening. My youngest son had meningitis when he was three and so the charity is close to my heart. Fortunately he was fine but others aren’t always so lucky. There’s music from lunchtime onwards and it’s hosted by Marion Miller of ‘Lady Plays the Blues’ on StroudFM radio. It’s a magical location, overgrown with grass, moss and lichen and looks like something out of a fairy tale. Very relaxing, so I’ll probably get comfortable on soft mossy bed and nod off while we’re waiting for our slot. I’ll try to get a pic for the blog and update you on how both gigs went.

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