19 Sep
The magical Quarry at Avening

The magical Quarry at Avening

Last weekend I was gigging in Ottawa and Maniwaki, this weekend North Woodchester and Avening. Last weekend wild and pounding, this weekend intimate and laid back but no less enjoyable for that.

The Royal Oak in Woodchester was just what I’d expected – a warm, welcoming stone and wood built inn. The Sons of the Delta Duo (that’s me and Rick to you) played an acoustic gig for a dining audience. The whole evening was fun, relaxed and it was good to see everyone listening and smiling. We’re looking forward to getting back to the Royal Oak later in the year.

Last night we played a forty-five minute set at the end of a pretty full day of music at the Gig @ the Quarry, an annual fund-raising event in aid of the Meningitis Trust. We went on stage after the scantily-clad eastern dancing ladies – a hard act to follow! The setting was every bit as magical as I remembered from last year and the rain managed to hold off until after the show. I don’t know how much money was raised but all the beer and most of the other drink had sold out before we went on stage. It’s the first time I’ve ever gone on stage with a cocktail, complete with umbrella!

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