Ups and downs

22 Sep

It's all about balance...

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs – hence the scales! To be fair, there were a lot more ups than downs, but sometimes the downs weight heavier. I think a balance was met in the end.

On the downside, I had to cancel a gig – something I really don’t like doing. It was the first date for the new band as well. A mix up with the dates amongst the musicians, which as it’s my band I have to take the blame for, meant we weren’t all available for the gig. Fortunately, after a few texts and phone calls, one of the guys in the band was able to step into the breach with one of his other collaborations. On the extremely rare occasion that I have to pull a gig, I find it always pays to offer an alternative act for the night. The landlord/promoter is a lot more understanding if you can clean up your own mess and not leave them the job of finding another band. Happily, the landlord at this particular venue is a top bloke and is more than happy to reschedule our gig. So a fresh date for Mark Cole’s Southern Collision should be announced soon.

On the upside, I had an email from the organisers of the Swanage Blues & Roots Festival offering the Sons of the Delta duo two slots at this year’s festival which takes place on the weekend of the 1/2/3 October. Swanage is one of the well-established festivals on the circuit, so I’m pleased about that. Check my website for details! I also had an email from Javier, our Spanish agent, with two possible gigs in October and November which is fantastic news as the recession has hit hard in Spain, reducing the number of opportunities over there. More news on those when they are confirmed.

Again on the upside, I hosted a great open mic session at the Gloucester Guildhall last night. A huge variety of styles, great players and a good crowd. A very positive end to the roller-coaster day.

Finally, I ordered a new mattress which gets delivered tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a more comfortable night’s sleep from now on. As a friend of mine said “You spend a third of your life in bed – best make sure it’s a good quality one!” Wise words indeed.

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