Cultural weekend

27 Sep
David Mach's Calvary Crucifixion

David Mach's Calvary Crucifixion

It’s been a busy few days. Had a great rehearsal with the Jigantics on Thursday, the first one since our recording sessions a few weeks ago. We’ve got our first showcase on the 8th October at the Playhouse, Whitstable, a lovely venue according to Marty and Marion who have played there before. We only have forty-five minutes but I’m really looking forward to playing the great selection of songs that we’ve put together in front of a decent sized audience.

Spent the weekend with my youngest son and had a pretty full schedule. We visited the ‘Crucible’ sculpture exhibition at the Cathedral in Gloucester. Over seventy sculptures, both inside and out, by top artists including Anthony Gormley and Damien Hirst. I thought it was wonderful and there were some very thought-provoking sculptures. If you are friends of mine on Facebook then you may have seen the photos I uploaded. Then we had another very thought-provoking visit to St. Michael’s Tower in Gloucester where, as part of Peace Week, the SGI (Soka Gakkai International, lay buddhist organisation) were presenting a Peace Picturedrome screening videos of The Work of MAG – the mines advisory group who remove landmines across the globe, The Testimonies of the Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Our Shared Humanity: an Introduction to SGI. Some of the footage of the first two films was pretty gruesome but there’s an important message to get across and sometimes that’s the only way.

Looking forward to hearing the results of the Jigantics recordings. While I was visiting exhibitions Marty and Ade were spending the weekend in Blue Moon Studios with Mark the engineer, mixing down the last few tracks. Looks like an EP is on its way soon!

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