Busy week

1 Oct
the Jigantics

the Jigantics

It’s been a week of rehearsals, hosting open mics, updating websites and making plans for 2011. I’ve even managed to squeeze a bit of songwriting in.

We have our first Jigantics gig in a week’s time at the Playhouse Theatre in Whitstable. We’re only playing for forty-five minutes but it’s going to be great fun. The first of many I’m sure. The Jigantics rehearsal last night was great fun as it always is. We’ve decided what numbers we are going to play. Just need to decide in what order. I’m especially having fun in this new band as I get to play squeezebox again after quite a few years and also mandola which otherwise doesn’t get much of an airing. Because we’re all so busy, getting us all together for anything other than rehearsals is tricky, so I managed to persuade everyone to hang around at the end of the evening for an impromptu photo shoot as our agent is keen to get a photo to use on publicity. This one was the best of the batch and I think it reflects the fun aspect of the band very nicely. Visit our website to listen to some songs we’ve uploaded and get an idea of what we’re all about – www.thejigantics.com

This weekend is a busy one. Tomorrow morning I’m going into the offices of the European Blues Association to hand over a guitar I’m loaning them for display. It has signatures of some big blues names on it, collected when I was over in Clarksdale, Mississippi, back in October 2004 with the Sons of the Delta. There will be a bit of a presentation, handshaking and photographs. It’s not a guitar I use often so it’s nice to know it will be on display for others to enjoy instead of just collecting dust at my house. They have some other very nice guitars there and in exchange for the loan I can borrow them if I ever fancy using them to record with. After the presentation I have to drive down to Swanage for a weekend of gigs at the Swanage blues festival with the Sons of the Delta duo. Looks like it’s going to be a wet one but I’m sure the die-hard blues fans will still turn out in large numbers.

Plans are afoot for a return visit to Clarksdale for the Sons of the Delta in April of next year for the 2011 Juke Joint Festival. Looks like the whole band will be going this time for some Southern hospitality, great music, great food and a chance for me to catch up with the Myers Brothers again. Can’t wait!

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