Swanage Blues & Roots Festival 2010

4 Oct
Loaning my signed Alamo Fiesta to the European Blues Association. Me with Michael Roach.

Loaning my signed Alamo Fiesta to the European Blues Association. Me with Michael Roach.

Very much a blues weekend, which is appropriate as it International Blues Week this week – part of Black History Month. If you don’t know much about the blues, this week is your week to change that. Immerse yourself in all things blues related. Buy some blues, read about it, hum a blues tune in the shower. Act now! ;)

Things went well at the EBA on Saturday with the guitar presentation. Photos were taken of handshakes and smiles. It was good to see plenty of people there for their monthly blues jams. Check out the EBA here: http://www.euroblues.org/

After the EBA presentation Rick and I headed south to Swanage for our Sons of the Delta Duo gigs. There are two things you can do in an English seaside town on a dull, wet and windy day – get fed up about it or laugh at the stereotypicalness of it. I decided on the latter. Swanage is a lovely little town on the South coast – heaving in the summer and considerably quieter out of season, although it certainly wasn’t that quiet this this weekend thanks to the 2010 Swanage Blues and Roots Festival. Our first gig was upstairs at the Country Foods Kitchen. The gig was a sell-out and many people were turned away at the door which is a shame for them but great for us. The acoustics in the room were perfect and we really had a good time with an enthusiastic audience. The chef, Mark, got up and blew some great harp on a few songs, much to the delight of everyone there. Afterwards we headed back to the caravan park where we were staying, hoping to park up the cars and spend and hour or two in the bar which, we had been told, stayed open til around 2.00am the night before. Not that night though, so more than a bit disappointed we sat in the caravan with nothing to drink and nothing to do. We could have headed back into town but that would have meant unpacking one of the cars and we didn’t fancy that, especially as it was 11.45 and we had no idea whether we’d get a late drink anywhere.

After a noisy night with the wind howling and the rain beating down on the caravan roof, we headed back to Country Foods Kitchen and had a huge and tasty English breakfast. We remarked on the music that was playing in the background and were told “that’s you from last night”. Lex, the guy who had recorded the gig, came and joined us on our table and we talked guitars and recording. He left while we were still eating and came back a short while later with the copy of the recording for us. It sounded pretty good, so I’ll have a proper listen to and see if there’s anything we can use.

Our afternoon gig was back at the Herston Camp Site in the bar and it was good to finally sit down with a beer there. Considering the weather and the fact that the camp site is a mile or so out-of-town there was a good turn out for the gig. By the time we were scheduled to finish people were still up on their feet dancing and so we decided to keep the place rocking for another half hour. A very successful weekend. Plenty of CDs sold and both venues were keen to get our details. We’ll try to work them in to our south coast schedule for next time we are down that way, hopefully early next year.

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