Whitstable and the Jigantics

11 Oct
the Jigantics - set up and ready to play

the Jigantics - set up and ready to play

Mostly a domestic week last week. Well, it has to be done now and again. I still need to get round to a major CD and CD-case re-uniting session but that can wait. Anyway, I’m sure you are not here to read about stuff like that – you want intrigue, controversy and dirt from the heady intoxicating world of rock’n’roll. So with that in mind Friday night was the inaugural gig for one of the new bands I’m in, the Jigantics

Ade and I had a lazy drive to Whitstable, via Reading service station on the M4 to drop off a bass cab which Ade had just sold on eBay, and arrived at the sea front an hour before the time arranged to go to the theatre. Not sure if it was the main beach, but the shingle and old wooden wave breaks were very typical of a lot of smaller English beaches. It struck me as more of a small fishing town, with their specialty being oysters. No good for me as I have a shellfish intolerance. Nonetheless it was a pleasant place to have a coffee and sandwich after the long drive.

The Playhouse Theatre is a wonderful little theatre, originally a United Reformed Church, and although it was only converted to a theatre in the early 1980s it has a very Victorian look and feel. We sound checked first, without Rick our guitarist as he wasn’t able to make it that early, and then relaxed in the dressing room with some great food and local beer provided by Debs, our agent and the promoter of that evening’s event. I really enjoyed listening to the first two acts, the Acoustic Architects and Luke Jackson, and also enjoyed their company backstage – fine musicians and fun guys to have around. Our turn to perform came and everything pretty much went according to plan apart from a few first-gig teething troubles with the on-stage sound. Nothing we can’t overcome and certainly didn’t affect the enjoyment of the audience. They all seemed very receptive to what we were doing and if we’d had any CDs we would have sold quite a few. Some people had already got their money out before realising we had no merchandise. All we could do was watch them put it away again. Sigh. But joking aside, it’s good to know that people are keen to get hold of a CD and fortunately we are working on one. All in all a successful and enjoyable debut gig.

Right, I’m off to get ready to go out. Bob Brozman is playing at the Blues Front Blues Rooms at the Miners Arms in Whitecroft tonight and there’s a seat with my name on it. Bye!

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