Brozman and Browning

18 Oct
Bob Brozman's stage setup

Bob Brozman's stage setup

Another quiet week on the performing front which gave me the opportunity to go to a few gigs as a punter.

Monday night I saw Boz Brozman perform at the Blues Front Blues Rooms at the Miners Arms in Whitecroft, a well-established blues club and a great little venue. For some reason no-one else wanted to sit in the front centre seats where you are about six feet from the performer, so even though I got there just as Bob was about to start I was able to watch Bob up-close and marvel at his playing and his warm, humorous showmanship. He had three or four National tri-cone guitars, a Weissenborn lap steel, a uke and an Australian made steel resonator uke, which looked like a mini National tri-cone. very sweet. I didn’t buy and CDs or DVDs – there were far too many to choose from, especially as Bob plays so many different styles of music from Hawaiian through African to blues and tends to theme his CDs. For me, half of what he does is visual so if anything a DVD would be the way to go. I left there keen to try experimenting with different tunings for slide guitar.

My bi-weekly turn at hosting the Cross Keys Inn open mic was fun as usual and I returned there Thursday night to see the Steve Browning Band. Steve is a much-in-demand guitarist and covers a wide range of styles – blues, jazz, funk, soul and probably much more. He plays in a number of bands in the Gloucestershire area, most notably the Patsy Gamble Band, and it’s great to see him fronting his own. The band was really tight thanks to the rhythm section of Lee and Alan, and Steve had a great tone on his Hamer Duotone guitar, played through a Fender Vibroluxe.

Had a techie weekend upgrading my PC, fitting a new TV aerial and stripping down the electric guitar I use in Spain ready to find and fix an electrical issue. The worse part of that job was getting the green shrink-wrap off it (don’t ask…) I have some new pickups on the way so while it’s stripped I’m going to experiment and see if I can get an even better tone and break-up. I’ll keep you posted.

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