Gigs and guitars

27 Oct
Shitocaster Les Pawn

Shitocaster Les Pawn

Not a lot to say about this last week. I was screwed over by my bank, NatWest, with regards to my debit card but I won’t go into detail as these days, now that we’re following the American trend of litigation, I might find myself getting sued.

Last week’s highlight was a duo gig with my good friend Keith Thompson. I had a great time performing with Keith and managed to use some instruments I don’t get a chance to play very often, including an old Supro lap steel and a Turkish darbuka – a sort of aluminium djembe with a tambourine ring inside. I kept the rhythm going with one of Bryn William’s excellent foot stompers and a foot tambourine. I played harmonica on many songs of course and I took the mandolin along as well. David, the landlord, made a few complimentary one-man-band comments and the whole gig went down very well with the crowd. The material was mostly Keith’s songs with a few covers and I’m really looking forward to the next one whenever that may be.

Talking of looking forward, the Sons of the Delta are playing at a blues festival in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, this coming weekend. We are flying out on Friday, playing saturday night, then flying back on Monday. It’s very good of the promoter to get us over for so long for just one gig. Plenty of time to relax in the sun and actually see some of the location we are playing in. It also gives us time to really catch up with our Spanish agent, Javier, who we haven’t seen for a while. The only downside is this time we are flying budget (the promoter books the flights so it’s out of our control) and so I’ve had to get a new flight case for the guitar which has cost me a big bite out of what I’m getting paid. Still, a free long weekend in Gran Canaria and a great festival slot is well worth it. I’ve modified my travel guitar ready for the trip (a home-brew which I’ve branded Shitocaster Les Pawn) and changed the pickups for a really hot overwound P90 on the neck and a dirty dual rail humbucker on the bridge. She sounds hot, sweet and dirty. I will resist the urge to comment further on that…

Right, I’m off to find my swim shorts just in case we find ourselves on the beach.

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