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Farewell January

1 Feb

Sons of the Delta Duo - set up and ready

Sons of the Delta Duo - set up and ready

Well, that’s January out of the way. A busy month but not in a fun way thanks to loads of paperwork and tax returns. Bleeuuhh. Can’t be avoided – well, actually it can but not evaded (joke for the accountants among you).

Got some songwriting done for the next Sons album – a funk number and an acoustic gospel style number. It would be great to get the album finished before we head over to Mississippi in April but I don’t think there will be time for that. We will just have to take plenty of postcards and push download sales. Can’t wait to get over there and catch up with friends we haven’t seen for ages, both our Clarksdale friends and the Myers Brothers band who will be down from Ottawa for the Juke Joint festival. I’m hoping to get plenty of video and photos to share with you, so look out for a new Mississippi montage video after we get back.

I’ve been buying some new gear for 2011. I picked up a great little Aria electro-acoustic classical guitar. The bridge needed re-glueing but it’s going to be perfect for recording and performing a few of my solo songs that I wrote last year. Also bought a Lone Wolf Blues pedal to play harp through when we’re gigging overseas and I have no choice which amp I use. The company makes pedals specifically designed from the ground up for harmonica players and I’ve gone for their Harp Attack model. Check them out here. I have a cheap and small tie-clip mic from Maplin which sounds amazingly good through this pedal, even directly into a PA, so the combination is ideal for air travel.

The first two gigs of 2011 went very well. Both Sons of the Delta duo gigs at smaller local venues and it was good to see such a big and enthusiastic turnout given the time of year. I suspect the fact that they were both after payday may have helped.

Right, that will do for now – I’m off to play with my new toys ;)