Rain and recording

16 Jun
Today's rain...

Today's rain...

Well, so much for the summer weather here in the UK. The Jigantics were supposed to play at a festival in Stroud billed as Summer Music Day last Sunday and a phone call woke me up early that morning (early for a Sunday at least) to say it had been cancelled due to the high wind and torrential rain. Being ever the optimist I have to take the view that it was a good thing it was cancelled. There would have literally been no-one there to watch at all and we would probably have been soaked to the skin and our instruments damaged. As we are now getting deep into the festival season, and as both the Jigantics and the Sons of the Delta have open air festival slots this year, I can only hope the summer arrives pretty soon or it won’t be good for live music or my bank balance! Strangely, I wasn’t too bothered about the rain at a very warm 3am when the Sons were finishing our set at the Playa Viva Blues Festival in Gran Canaria but it did bother me when we played outdoors in heavy rain at the Upton Blues Festival a few years ago and one of the f-holes on my steel guitar just happened to be directly under a leaking tarpaulin which caused the guitar to fill with water…

The Sons of the Delta album, Made in Mississippi, has just been reviewed in Maverick magazine and received 4.5 out of 5. I haven’t read it yet but hopefully there will be some quote-worthy text we can use and the review might inject some freshness into the sales of what is now an ‘old’ album even though it’s our latest. Keep an eye on the Sons website or our FB page to see the review once I get my hands on it. We took out an ad to go with the review, so that should help us pick up a few more fans too.

Talking of Sons of the Delta albums, writing songs for the next one continues and it looks like it will keep the balance of the current album with regards to acoustic numbers and full band numbers. I personally like to mix it up a bit and as the Sons perform as a duo and a band it’s good to be able to represent the album at both types of gigs. I think the album may be recorded at a number of different studios, depending on the kit they have and whether they can accommodate the way I’d like to work on the album. I love the sound we recorded in Mississippi and I’d like to try to get a similar feel on this next CD, which means keeping the session as live as possible and using distant mic techniques. The shape and size of the room is very important so who knows, if we can’t find a studio that’s right we may have to find the location and set up the studio there. I’ve always preferred that kind of recording – one that has space, atmosphere and texture, rather than something sterile, clinical and over-produced. Good job that the former is very much in vogue at the moment, largely due to the great award-winning albums produced by T Bone Burnett over the last few years. And of course, the Jigantics still have more tracks to record to complete their debut CD plus I’m still slowly getting songs together for my (eventual) solo album.

What a surprise… it’s raining again.

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