2 Nov
The Myers Brothers Band with Mark Cole at the Rainbow, Ottawa

The Myers Brothers Band with Mark Cole at the Rainbow, Ottawa

I did take my laptop to Canada but I was way too busy to think about anything other than the odd Facebook update and too busy since my return to do this post.

Canada was, as expected, fantastic and the Myers brothers looked after me exceptionally well. Last year when I visited we recorded the basic tracks for an album and we were determined to get the album finished this trip. But first we had our Ottawa gigs – Saturday night at the Bass Line Station and Sunday night at the prestigious Rainbow, Ottawa’s long-established premiere blues venue. Both gigs went really well and it was a special joy to play at the Rainbow and to add my name to the many famous names written all over the dressing room walls (thanks to Jamie Cashin for his Rainbow gig photo at the top of this post). The Myers brothers, with Pepé Lopez Jr. on drums and myself on harp and occasional slide guitar, kept the venues rocking with two sets totalling nearly three hours. Those boys deliver! Back to the recording and we managed to get some of Mike’s vocals completed at the Ottawa studio early the following week then it was off to Mike’s lakeside cottage up in Quebec. Most of the time was spent at Pine Door Studios finishing the vocals, some extra guitar work and mixing down but we had some time to relax at the cottage and take the boat out. You can’t beat the taste of food cooked out on the BBQ next to the lake! On Saturday night we made the short trip through the woods to Maniwaki and played at Le Resto. It was a return visit and I really enjoyed catching up with the friends I had made at the gig there last year. They are a really appreciative and friendly crowd who really know how to party! Everyone was up dancing from the first song and by the end of the night I was playing harp on the tables and Mike was crawling on his back across the floor as he played guitar. Wild! It was a late and crazy night but we rose fairly early the next day and managed to get the album finished, including an impromptu acoustic track which we recorded at the cottage. It’s getting mastered over here in the UK and the CD should be on the shelves in time for Christmas. Don’t worry, there’s one reserved for you ;) and if you prefer downloads then iTunes will have it early in the new year. Keep your eyes open for “The Myers Brothers Band – Drive”.

There was no time to rest after my return – I had to repair a guitar that broke just before I flew to Canada and also one of my harps which took a hammering while I was away. Then the following three nights I was out gigging and then in the studio for the start of the mixing down of the Jigantics debut album. Sunday night I saw the excellent J Alexander and the Blues Devils at the newly formed Gloucester Blues Club and Monday night Steve Earle at Birmingham Symphony Hall. What a superb concert. Over three hours of songs old and new, with a great band – the Dukes and Duchesses – which included his wife Alison Moorer. If you haven’t seen him make sure you don’t miss him next time he’s in your area!

So that’s why this post has had to wait a while. I’m now off to write an article on my time with the Myers Brothers plus transcribe an interview I did with them, to be printed in a British blues magazine in the very near future. It’s all go! Not so many gigs this month but I need to concentrate on finishing the Jigantics album and write new songs for the next Sons of the Delta album. No rest for the wicked! ;)

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