28 Nov
The crowd at the Arriola XXII JazzBlues Festival in Elorrio

The crowd at the Arriola XXII JazzBlues Festival in Elorrio

November has very much been a behind the scenes month with not a lot of public activity apart from a few gigs, most notable among those being our gig at the Arriola XXII JazzBlues Festival in Elorrio up in the beautiful Basque country near Bilbao. As always, the capacity crowd was really appreciative and danced for pretty much the entire three hours of the performance. There are a few photos from the trip on the Sons of the Delta Facebook page. We look forwards to heading back over to Spain next year.

I’ve been busy writing new songs for the next Sons of the Delta album with at least four songs in the bag and a few more on the way. The album will be a mix of band and duo songs to best represent both permutations of the Sons live. The songs on the first two albums have all been originals but on the new album we may include studio versions of a few cover songs that we do live, mostly obscure and re-worked, that always go down well and have become favourites with the audiences. I’d like to avoid any obvious covers – ones that have been covered a hundred times before – as that would be lazy and not really add anything to the global blues collection.

The Jigantics debut albums moves forward. Most of the recording has been completed so now comes the task of mixing. There is an equation when it comes to  studio time: allow twice as long for the mixing as you did for the recording. So with that in mind, the album is still a little way off but hopefully not too long!

the Myers Brothers Band, who I had the privilege of gigging and recording with in Ottawa in October, have just released their latest album ‘Drive’. The album was recorded during both my trips over to Ottawa and I am delighted to be involved in the project both as a guest performer (harmonica and Hammond organ) and as co-producer. The album is available now as a download via CDBaby – click here to visit the page – and the CDs will be available in the next few weeks. A big thank you to Mike and Stevie for inviting me over and I look forward to revisiting Canada next year.

If you want a flavour of our trips over to Mississippi, try and watch ‘Rick Stein Tastes The Blues’. It’s no longer on the BBC iPlayer so you’ll have to keep an eye open for its appearance on YouTube. He meets several of our Clarksdale friends and also stays in the very shack at the Shackup Inn that we stayed at last April. The programme is a great mixture of music and food, so what’s not to like?

Right, I’ve got another tune in my head so I’m off to do some more songwriting.

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