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New song

17 Jun
New song - Had Our Day

New song

It’s been a strange few months on planet Cole – lots of heavenly highs and deep lows and in many ways I feel like I’ve been running around in circles but it’s all part of life and just the way it goes. Great stuff for songwriting!

Gigs are still a little down on last year, partly because I haven’t been chasing as much as I could due to the fact I’ve been busy songwriting and recording (or am I busy songwriting and recording because gigs are down? It’s those circles again) Also the recession is definitely biting a bit and venues are less willing to take a chance on someone new. Not a problem with our current venues but trying to ‘spread the love’ is getting difficult. A new album to promote will definitely help things.

Talking of recording, things are going well with the Jigantics debut album and we are loving the atmosphere and empathy at Plump Hill Studio. We’re currently working on a latin-styled percussion driven number, a beautiful ballad with great harmonies and a feel-good Cajun style track. I think We may record the Sons of the Delta duo tracks at Plump Hill too but it may be a bit small there to record the full band tracks. We’ll have to see. One of the tracks that was being considered for the Sons album isn’t going to sit well stylistically with the rest of them so, as it’s one of my songs, I decided to record it and put it out as a solo track. It’s called ‘Had Our Day’ and you can hear it here on my Bandcamp page or here on my Reverbnation page. It’s a very melancholy, lonesome ‘3.a.m.’ kind of song and I hope you like it. Plus, if you haven’t seen the video of my last song ‘Let Me Down’, you can see it here.

Only just over a month to go until the Gloucester Rhythm and Blues Festival (official site here and Facebook page here) – my hometown’s celebration of blues and roots music. I’m really looking forward to it, especially to catching up with the Myers Brothers, Mike and Stevie from Ottawa, who are flying over to play a number of dates including the Gloucester festival. I’ll be stepping up to the stage in various bands that week, so make sure you keep an eye on my website in July for all the details.