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Winter draws on

20 Nov
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Now featuring at a gig near you…

Half a year plus since my last post and a lot of water has passed under the bridge. Once again it feels like I blinked and the summer sprinted past. It’s said there are those that make things happen, those that let things happen and those that wondered what the hell just happened. I think I’m in that third group…

I’ve really enjoyed the better weather this summer and actually managed to get some time out in it for a change. I even had the beginnings of a tan! It makes up a little bit for not getting over to perform in Spain this year although I really miss Javi – no-one will be able to replace his warmth and friendship. Even so, the Sons do need representation as we were starting to build a good thing there so I’m actively looking for a new Spanish agent. On the subject of good weather and down-time I’ll mention that since my last post I’ve spent a while getting back to nature in a geodesic dome tent on the beautiful west coast of Wales, some quality time chilling out listening to Turkish folk music in a tent bar on a beach near Fethiye and even tried drinking chilli infused stout in a wonderfully well stocked ale house in Lincoln. That last one was by far the least enjoyable thing on that list. Still, you don’t know unless you try.

Both the Sons of the Delta and the Jigantics had plenty of fun during the summer, out on the road at gigs and festivals and in the recording studio, and both bands have a new bass player in the form of Lyndon Webb. With his upright bass, fine vocal and multi-instamentalist possibilities he’s helped to push both bands forward in terms of what we have to offer dynamically. The Jigantics debut CD ‘Daisy Roots’ is now available (and about time too, I hear some of you shout!) both on CD and at all good online MP3 retailers. The Jigs are the busier of the two bands at the moment with Marty getting a sore ear on the phone and worn down fingers typing emails to get us some lovely dates all over the country. We have many festivals in the pipeline for next year so I’m looking forwards to those being inked on our calendar in the next few months.

The third Sons of the Delta album ‘Tasty Nuggets’ continues to come together with the next big recording session planned for January. Yes, it has been a few too many years in the coming but good things can’t be rushed, especially at this stage, and getting everyone together to rehearse the new songs and booking the studio when everyone involved is available is a challenge so the timescale has to be a little fluid. It will be worth the wait! We are heading back to Clarksdale, Mississippi, in April to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first visit there. Looks like the whole band is going this time as is fitting for a special trip. We’re looking forwards to playing at the Juke Joint Festival again, meeting up with our blues brothers Mike and Stevie Myers and their families, and and we may even take advantage of a full line-up and record a few tracks at Sun Studio in Memphis.

I’ve been writing lots of blues songs lately and now that we have a good selection for the Sons album I plan to rework some of the songs in a harder blues vein for a ‘solo’ project. I’ll be recording an EP and the plan is to perform the songs live as part of a double bill with my blues buddy Damon T. I’ll perform on harp and vocals with Damon on his material and he’ll drum and sing on my material. Those of you who have seen us perform together before know it’s going to be a great show! Watch this space!