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How Long?

26 Jun

Alberto and me at TEA, Ageate, Gran Canaria.

Alberto and me at TEA, Ageate, Gran Canaria.

This time of the morning, after a late night driving back from a gig on the south coast, is probably not the best time to put together a blog post. Not even sure when the blog thought pinged into my head. Followers of my blog will understand that to call this an irregular blog is a big understatement. It’s been nearly nine months since my last post. I wonder if other bloggers suffer from the same lack of commitment? Maybe that’s why tweeting has taken off in such a big way – it’s easier to regularly come up with 140 characters of news.

So what’s been happening since October? Lots of gigs and more recording. Both the Sons of the Delta and The Jigantics have been busy travelling the width and bredth of the land, purveying their musical wares and The Jigantics are back in the studio recording that ‘difficult second album’. Not so difficult it seems and I’m looking forwards to when it’s finished and we can share it with you all.

I managed to squeeze in a solo trip in May to play with Los Gumbos – my blues brothers in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria – whom I met back in 2010 when the Sons of the Delta headlined a festival there. My partner Anna came with me, a treat for us both as on overseas trips with the bands it’s just not practical to take partners. We were only there for a long weekend but it was definitely the highlight of the year so far. Although six gigs in four days sounds like a punishing schedule it was a pleasure both on and off stage thanks in particular to Alberto Gulias who as well as being a fantastic percussionist and great friend also organised the gigs and hotel. A special mention also to Reinaldo Rivero, a wonderful and empathetic guitarist and Hans Albert, the best Bavarian bass player in Gran Canaria!, for their excellent musicianship and friendship. Big thanks also to Daniel, Celina and Tony for their fantastic photos and all the crew at La Guarida for looking after us both so well. I really hope to be back there again in the future to play a few songs and soak up the sun and beer. If you haven’t yet seen the main body of photos from the trip they are here, here and here.

I’m taking a short break next month then it’s festival season for the Jigs and the Sons. Let’s hope this warm dry weather keeps going! Have a lovely summer everyone and I’ll try and get back to you sooner than eight months…