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2016 and warming up

6 Feb

Fun times with the Myers Brothers

Well, musically speaking if not the weather. Another eight months have passed. Can’t believe almost three seasons have gone by since the last blog. I have a theory about the perceived passing of time and advancing age. Don’t get me started on that…

Highlights since the last blog? Firstly a trip back to Ottawa, Canada to see my very good friends the Myers brothers and their families. Of course, there was music and it was great to be back on stage at the Bassline Station. Lots of amazing calorific food was eaten but a wonderful quiet and therapeutic day with my partner Anna at the Nordic Spa felt like it balanced things out on the health front. Other highlights include the many festivals that both the Sons of the Delta and The Jigantics played at over the summer and autumn period. You’re guaranteed to meet lots of lovely new fans at festivals and hear some great music that you might not have heard otherwise. Also, where else are you going to buy a purple velvet top hat or a jester’s hat? Also, another trip back to the Netherlands for two theater gigs and a chance to catch up with some of the lovely friends we made last time we were there, and a trip over to Luxembourg to play at a blues weekend at the very picturesque Vianden where we made some more great new friends.

Winter was a little quieter but had its own highlights, notably The Jigantics first all-acoustic gig, for the wonderful Ken Brown and Square Roots Promotions at the fantastic Square Tower in Portsmouth, and a seaside trip to Teignmouth with the Sons of the Delta for their excellent Jazz & Blues festival where I caught up with my cousin Tom who I hadn’t seen for thirty years!

A gig free January but plenty of rehearsing and recording with The Jigantics. First gig of the year was this weekend with my longest running but now seldom gigging first band, the Maxwell Street Blues Band. Now I’m up and running headlong into the rest of 2016 with plenty of gigs for The Jigantics and Sons of the Delta including more trips back to the Netherlands, a festival in France and a trip back ‘home’ to Clarksdale, Mississippi.  See you in another eight or so months!