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Summer 2018

3 Aug

Gig display for the new solo CD

Well, what a busy summer so far! Gigs a plenty, especially in the last two weeks at Upton Blues Festival and the Gloucester Rhythm and Blues Festival, and mostly in the high temperatures that we’ve been enjoying (or not) in the UK recently.

The blues cruises at Upton were fantastic as always but it was soooo hot on the boat. Still, it was great to see so many familiar faces and equally as gratifying to see plenty of new faces. Hopefully they’ll become regulars too as I’m sure we’ll be back there next year.

At the Gloucester festival the Sons of the Delta had both a full band gig and their regular acoustic duo gig. The full band gig was at Gloucester Brewery and although the brewery is a relative newcomer to hosting live music (most of the gigs are held at TANK, the brewery’s pub across the canal) everyone agreed the Brewery is a wonderful location: the room is atmospheric, the sound is great and of course the drinks are wonderful! They plan a lot more live music and I really hope the music lovers of Gloucester support it enthusiastically because it easily has the potential to be one of the best venues in the area. Talking of best venues, we had a wonderful time as always at the Sons acoustic duo gig at Peppers Café. The courtyard was packed as usual and Dan’s BBQ food was superb. Ann and Toby, the owners of Peppers, are passionate about live music and have always been above and beyond supportive through the gigs they host and other involvements. They also have regular music throughout the year, as well as fantastic food and drink most days of the week, so please check them out.

The Jigantics have played a few festivals too this summer, most notably Folk in a Field over in East Anglia. What a superb festival in an idyllic location. The main stage is in a clearing in old woodland with various other stages, stalls and facilities nestled amongst the trees here and there. A bijou and perfectly formed festival with a lovely family atmosphere.

In case it has escaped your notice, I recently released my debut solo album COLE. It’s getting lots of airplay and has its first review courtesy of Blues in Britain magazine. Other reviews will follow (Blues Matters! I know for sure very soon) and perhaps even the odd article. It is being very well received which I am pleased and relieved about in equal measure! When it’s all your own work it feels more precious than a band album for some reason, perhaps because you feel more exposed than in a collaborative venture. Anyway, if you haven’t done so already please check it out and if you like it then please help spread the word! Most of the online retailers encourage reviews so don’t be shy! Thanks. You can see me perform some of the songs from the album when I’m playing a show somewhere with Damon T or Steve Browing. Check out my website for all my dates.

Both the Sons and Jigs have more outdoor gigs coming up so fingers crossed for more dry weather. Personally, I do enjoy the hot weather so until I get out to Mississippi in October for the King Biscuit Festival I’ll make the most of what I can get here! Cheers!