Year of the Pig

18 Feb

Bringing home the bacon!

Gong hei fat choy! Sadly, no trips to Mississippi this year so I’ll have to celebrate the year of the pig with plenty of home-cooked pulled pork and bacon. You only live once – and probably not very long if that’s all you eat! It’s all about balance, so I’ll be on one leg while i enjoy my BBQ plate.

Life has been pretty much the same since the last newsletter with plenty of gigs and great reviews for the solo album, which if you follow me on the Book of the Face you will have found hard to miss. No kidnaps, health scares or repossessions, so what’s not to like.

The year has got off to a busier start than usual. It’s great to see some venues take a chance on live music in January, especially when it pays off with a good crowd. Seems that people do want to go out in bad weather with slim pockets and have a night out to cheer themselves up. Good on them! Not even ‘Dry January’ dampened their spirits (or wine, or beer…). This January I took part in ‘January’, that is, the month of the year between December and February when you do absolutely nothing different to the other months of the year, the exception being Christmas week when all common sense goes out the window and you eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow.

Did you hear the news? I bought a banjo. I thought it was about time and I’m looking forwards to playing it in public for the first time this coming weekend at the Gloucester Folk Trail gig with Damon T and on Tuesday 26th February at the Cheltenham Songwriters Guild.  I wrote some songs on an old banjo a few years ago and they just don’t translate on to guitar very well, so I’d like to get them back in the set list as nature intended. More kit to carry! Those of you who know me know that I like to mess around with different instruments so it’s good to get my hands on something that stops me sticking to my comfort zone and will no doubt lead to more new songs. Writing songs on a variety of instruments keeps things fresh and interesting. You never know, it may even put in an appearance on the new Jigantics album which we are currently recording.

Aside from the music, but kind of related, I’ve started working more closely with Fat Tone Amps, the company whose wonderful harmonica amps I endorse. I’ve been helping them with their social media and marketing and I’m really thrilled to be asked to get involved because it’s a fantastic product, totally bespoke and hand-built with love. David Walker, the owner and amp building genius, is such a joy to work with. I know it’s going to be a great relationship and we have an exciting journey ahead.

Back to the music and the festival schedule is looking really healthy already. Keep an eye on my website for all solo and band gig dates, they are getting added more frequently as we head towards better weather and better times (who said Brexit?!? Wash your mouth out!)

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